£75+vat Diagnostics charge for previously opened drives

This £75+vat charge is only applicable to drives that have previously been opened before being sent to us for data recovery. Drives that have not been opened will be examined and diagnostics carried out free of charge.

Why do data recovery companies have this non-refundable charge?

When a drive is opened up it inevitably causes additional damage making data recovery more difficult at best and impossible at worst. When a drive comes into us that has already been opened we must first spend time checking the drive in our clean-room chamber before powering up the drive and running diagnostics to minimise the possibility of further damage being done because of internal damage and contaminants.

Common scenarios resulting in drives being opened and this charge being applicable would include:

  • Drive has been looked by a local PC repair shop that opened the drive before saying they could not help.
  • Drive has already been to another data recovery company who have been unsuccessful in recovering the data.
  • Drive had diagnostics carried out and a file list produced by another company, they then removed or dismantled the drive for some reason before the data could be recovered.
  • Drive was opened by the client for any number of reasons usually prompted by watching one too many you-tube videos.
  • Drive was opened "just for a second" to check something or other.
  • Any scenario that resulted in the drive lid being removed.

  • Example 1

    You can see the drive sticker has been removed indicating the drive has been opened.

    Thumbnail Image 1

    Example 2

    You can see the screwdriver holes in the sticker indicating the drive has been opened.

    Thumbnail Image 1

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