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Smartphone Data Recovery Tools and Techniques: iPhone

Losing important contacts, priceless photos, song collections and various other data from our smartphones is something we have all either experienced or had a scare with at some time, and no-one ever backs up their device as often as they should, so inevitably something of importance will be lost. This article is the first in a series of articles, which will explore free tools and techniques for recovering lost data from a range of popular smartphones and their operating systems including Blackberry, Android, Windows phone, and in this article, iPhone/iOS.

Top Free Tools for iPhone Data Recovery
One of the top rated free tools for extracting lost data from iPhones is the 'iPhone Backup Extractor', a free (for non-commercial use) software available for Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. The program can recover data from any mobile iOS device including iPhones, iPads and iPods, doing so by scanning the computer for automatic back up folders, something iTunes creates automatically on a regular basis without you needing to manually back up.

The software then displays ALL the data that is recoverable from iTunes auto back up folders and you can then choose which data is relevant, or simply select it all to be restored. Due to it being a free software however, there are limitations, and this includes not being able to recover any data that became corrupted due to errors during Apple’s automatic back up.

EaseUS iRecovery Wizard’ is another free (up to 1GB of data recovery) software, but this one is only available on Windows computers. Unlike the first free software mentioned, this one can actually recover corrupted data as well as deleted data ¬†from your iPhone, including contacts list, Photos, Videos, SMS, etc, but if you reach the 1GB limit you will need to upgrade to the paid version of the software to continue.

If Data Loss Strikes...